Focus Groups "What they do and who to contact"


Fix My Street
– Peter Hitchcox, Ann Jenkins, Graham McKee

The 'Fix My Street' (formerly Traffic Focus Group) is tasked with reporting to the Parish Council and County Council vehicular and pedestrian problems and their possible resolutions within our parish. The group also reports any maintenance work to the RCC 'Fix my Street website though parishioners would be encouraged to use this RCC website. 

Trees/Nature/ Environment – Peter Hitchcox, Ann Jenkins, James Earl-Fraser

The main aim of this group is to promote and encourage the planting of trees, hedges within the parish with the co-operation and support of the Parish Council, Tree Warden and advice of the RCC Forestry Officer and other interest groups. The group would also encourage residents to engage in environmental opportunities. The group would hope to, with others, lead in cataloguing wildlife and bio-diversity issues.  If possible we wish to reduce our carbon footprint within the parish. Parishioners would be encouraged to assist us and join in these enterprises

Tourism  - Graham McKee and Jane Denyer

Our purpose is to improve the Tourist experience within Greetham, including increasing the number of information boards located within the Parish.

Quarry – Jane Denyer and David Baker

Our purpose is to provide detailed analysis of any planning applications pertaining to any mineral developments within the Parish of Greetham.  To represent Greetham Parish Council on the Greetham Quarrry Liaison Group and to respond to any complaints received from residents in respect of activities at the quarry.

Burial Ground – Ken Edward, Jayne Isaac and Sandy Begy

Our purpose is to provide a respectful site for burial, primarily for people of Greetham Parish and people with close connection to Greetham Parish. We manage income and maintenance, with approval of the full council of all expenditure. Full rules and process are available on the village website and are regularly reviewed and updated. Any changes are always agreed by Greetham Parish Council.

Drainage, Sewage and Water – Ken Edward and Janem Shelton

Our purpose is to observe and monitor all drainage and sewage processes in the Parish of Greetham. We have a reporting system for all problems. We contact Anglian water for sewage issues and Severn Trent for water supply issues. We also advise the environment Agency when appropriate. All complaints and observations are recorded.

Community Centre – Ken Edward and Jane Denyer

2 Greetham Parish councillors are elected to represent the council on the CC committee and report back to GPC all relevant information. We also act as a conduit for requests from the CC for support of any kind from GPC. We may also get involved in specific projects within the CC committee structure.

All Planning and the Local Plan – Janem Shelton, David Baker and James Earl-Fraser

To respond to planning consultations in an objective and efficient manner.