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The Devils Violin

Three Professionals - a Narrator, a Violinist and a Cellist captivated a full house at the Community Centre on Sunday April 2nd 2023.

‘Once upon a time’. The hall fell silent. 

The stories were skilfully embroidered and enhanced by the musicians: the audience were giving them their full attention. These stories, which perhaps took us back to our childhood stole upon us, word for word, note for note, pointing to truths which may be allusive. Fact and fantasy became mixed and not all stories told, like life itself, ended ‘happily ever after’. 

The audience, some of whom came from afar to hear this highly talented group, left with much to ponder after such a production.

Our thanks particularly to Helen McGarrigle, for organising such an evening for us and for all those who helped on the day to make the evening such a success.

Peter Hitchcox