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Litter pick

Spring 2023 Bi-Annual Litter Pick

T’was a dreary cold morning in early April that a merry band of nearly 20 youthful; and not so youthful, villagers set off with pickers and bags to cleanse the highways and byways of Greetham.

After a many happy hour of mirth and jollity we are delighted to say the village is now cleansed of the Winter excesses of McDonald burger wrappers and Red Bull cans!

It is good to report that the majority of the area was relatively clean and unspoilt with only a couple of black spots where the bulk of the discarded litter and other items were collected.

'Greetham Parish Council is giving away free blue bin bags to those who can guess the two black spots.??!! Those correctly naming Wood Lane and the Community Centre car park will also receive a pair of standard issue litter pickers!

Seriously though, we would ask those responsible to take more care and take your litter home with you. It may make your own car or van or lorry a bit untidy for a little while, but just think of the fun you can have emptying your own muck into your own bin at your own home.

And just think of the joy you will give to the remaining socially aware and community friendly public in not seeing your mess ruining the joys of the hedgerows and verges.

Now the fun bit, the ‘statistics’.
The following was collected on the morning of the clear up:

28 bags of rubbish,
2 fly tipped tyres,
1 x 50 litre plastic container half filled with a yellow liquid dumped on the verge of a well known lorry run,
1 kitchen stool,
2 broken road cones,
1 bike frame,
1 workstation chair (from someone who has given up working from home?)

Could be the words to a well known Xmas Carol.

Anyway, I’m off to wash my hands now. Hopefully we may see more of you in September when we will coordinate another clean up. Keep looking for the date.
David Baker