Annual Parish Meeting

Greetham Annual Parish Meeting


The purpose of the meeting is for the Parish Council to report to its electorate on what has been accomplished in the preceding year. It is an opportunity to hear from community groups, to hear a report from our County Councillor, to hear from any outside organisation where there may be an interest to residents, as well as to give feedback and discuss other parish/village affairs.
The meeting is a forum for the Parish Council to engage with the local electorate to and listen to local residents views. Even if the Council disagrees with the issues raised or related arguments, Council Members’ are prepared to receive and consider local residents views.
Anyone, including the press is invited to attend the meeting, but only registered electors of Greetham may speak.


  1. Report by Parish Council
    Note: The Parish Council distributed a newsletter in January 2019 to all households. This will be taken as the basis of the report and residents will be given the opportunity to raise anymatters therein.

  2. Report by Ward Member, Nick Begy
    As above, the newsletter has a report by the Ward Member.
    There will be the opportunity to raise matters with the Ward Member.

  3. Community Groups
    An opportunity for Community Groups to raise anymatters they so wish.

  4. Local Residents
    An opportunity for Local Residents to raise any matters they so wish.

Ken Edward

Chair of Parish Council

Note:- the Village meeting will be followed by a Parish Council Meeting