Parish Council AGM Minutes 22nd May 2019

Greetham Parish Council AGM Minutes Wednesday May 22nd 2019

Greetham Community Centre @ 7.00 pm

Members : Mrs S. Begy (SB); Mrs J. Denyer (JD) ; Mr K. Edward (KE);Mr P. Hitchcox ; Mr D. Hodson ; Mrs A. Jenkins , Mr R. Kinchen

Present: Mrs S. Begy; Mrs J. Denyer; Mr K. Edward; Mr D. Hodson; Mrs A. Jenkins: Mr R. Kinchen.


Apologies for absence

Mr P. Hitchcox


Accept signing of acceptance of office papers at the end of the meeting

All Councillors to sign acceptance forms


Election of Chair for the coming year

J.Denyer Proposed K. Edward

Seconded: A. Jenkins

Carried unanimously


Election of Vice-Chair for the coming year

K. Edward proposed J Denyer

Seconded: A. Jenkins

Carried unanimously

Thanks offered to all Councillors for their work to date; especially highlighting JD and DH


Approval of minutes from the AGM 2018

Proposed: JD

Seconded: AJ

Carried unanimously


Matters arising

All matters addressed through the year and today


Review of Standing Orders including; Financial Regulations and other policies as contained in Appendices to Standing Orders

Motion: To approve revised Standing Orders as circulated before the meeting. Explanatory notes on the revision included in the document.

Questions raised:

1)      Standing Orders state that Councillors need to stand when speaking. (page 6 i). To be amended to ‘permission to remain seating will be given at the AGM’

2)      (Page 17 v) states a requirement to ‘receive and retain copies of bye laws made by other local authorities’.  Action : Seek clarification of the requirement from LARAC (Clerk) 

The reference to the keeping of Burial Ground records will be deleted.

 These amendments will be made for the next meeting.

Appendices to standing orders:

Code of Conduct

Freedom of Information


Financial regulations

Focus Groups

Co-option Process

Transparency Regulations

Safeguarding Policy

Equality Policy (sent out in advance of the meeting)






Review of asset Register

Distributed in advance of the meeting

Queries: none

Proposed DH Sec JD



Review of PC Insurance

Place documentation on dropbox. New documentation will be available on renewal in June.


Review of Council’s membership of other bodies

LRALC. Renewal proposed: DH Seconded : SB

Carried unanimously


Election of Councillors x3 to Community Centre Committee

RK Proposed: Jane Denyer; Ken Edward; David Hodson. Proposed by RK

Seconded:  AJ Carried unanimously


Election of Tree Warden

AJ Proposed: Peter Hitchcox

Seconded: JD

Carried unanimously


Election of Councillor as Neighbourhood Plan Co-ordinator

KE Proposed: DH

Seconded: JD

Carried unanimously


Set up New Bank Account and approve x3 signatories

Proposal: To open an internet Bank Account with Lloyds for GPC with 2 signatures minimum for payment purposes. 3 Councillors to have signatory approval.

Proposed: KE

Seconded: RK

Carried unanimously


Elect a RFO for Greetham Parish  Council

Responsible Financial Officer

Clerk Proposed: KE

Seconded: JD Carried unanimously


Appointment of Internal Auditor for 2019/2020

Change in law in 2015 from ‘External auditor’ to ‘Internal auditor’. The internal audit is not carried out by a member of the PC. Internal auditor reviews processes.

KE Propose contact LARAC to arrange an internal audit service for 2020 Seconded: AJ

Carried unanimously. Action: Clerk

To be put into budget. Action: DH


Elect a Councillor to act as a tracker for Greetham Parish Council accounts

KE proposed DH

Seconded: JD

Carried unanimously

Every Councillor has a  responsibility  to oversee accounts



Action: Update Councillors and delete retired members

Review: Add SB

Propose workshop on use of Dropbox for all Councillors.



Update member list and job titles and update Focus Groups and their members. Completed


Dates of meetings

Council Meetings:

12/6/2019 ; 10/07/2019; 11/09/2019 ; 9/10/2019; 13/11/2019; 8/1/2020; 12/2/2020; 1/03/2020 ; 08/04/2020 ; 13/5/2020

No meetings scheduled for August or December 2019. Extra meetings will be arranged if needed.

Meeting ended at 19.54