Parish Council Minutes 11th April 2019

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          Greetham Parish Council Minutes April 10th 2019

Greetham Community Centre @7.30 pm

Members :  Mr K. Edward (Chair); Mrs J. Denyer (Vice- Chair); Mr P. Hitchcox (PH); Mr D. Hodson (DH); Mrs A. Jenkins (AJ); Dr R. Oakes (RO), Mr R. Kinchen (RK)

Ward Councillor: Nick Begy (NB)

Comments: Fence erected at side of Viking Way

Shop and Plough

Quarry dust

1.       1

Apologies for absence. 


 P.Hitchcox; D.Hodson, N.Begy


Disclosure of interests in items on the agenda and dispensations granted



43, Main Street. Fell 1 Lleylandi. A. Jenkins declared an interest.


Approval of minutes from March 13th


 Proposed: JD  Seconded:  AJ    Carried unanimously


Matters arising


Feedback from meeting with Leicestershire Police and RCC Highways. Responses will be published in the minutes. The Traffic Focus Group will carry this through in 2019/20.

Village Sign – proposed move. Quote for moving awaited.

Blocked drains – RCC have been investigating. Work is planned at the entrance to Oak House and at the junction with Church Lane. The crossroads to the golf club is under further investigation. The drains in Stretton Road are under further investigation. 

Ongoing. Path dust near the quarry entrance and the accident site requires repair. Action:  Clerk


Lovell’s; update on tree planting. PH continues to monitor as this is not yet completed to plan; there are 26 trees still required.

Bench plaques; done.



Membership of outside bodies

LRALC. Membership renewal. Proposed: RO   Seconded: JD Carried unanimously




DH report distributed to Councillors in advance.

The finance sheet will be distributed with the agenda monthly.

Appoint Gordan Andrew as internal auditor. Proposed KE  Seconded: JD  Carried unanimously

Timetable for financial reporting; AGAR now underway.

For information:

Clerks salary, March: £166.53

HMRC (Clerk’s salary – tax, March) £125

Computer invoice : £340 (paid March 2019)

LRALC Annual subscription. £255.45

Overpayment of Came and Company – refunded.

RCC – advice regarding play area grant to be followed

RCC overcharged GCC £90 for VAT – repayment agreed

Council tax for Burial Ground - £0


Parish precept: £8,000


Planning – all planning applications can be accessed on the RCC website



Update re dangerous roof – 45-47 Main Street. Update and further communication from neighbour.

Visit undertaken by Officer. GCC will update asap. Action: Clerk to respond to neighbour.



Land behind Northbrook – 2018/1333/Ful  Refused



43, Main Street. Fell 1 Lleylandi. A. Jenkins declared an interst and left the room.

RK to submit report to Clerk for submission to RCC. 



Land adjacent to 29, Stretton Road. Refused.


Road conditions


 Road closure planned to repair road outside Old Post Office. Dates for proposed work awaited



Focus groups and committees


 Litter pick report. Thank you to the 14 who turned up. A successful pick. October pick planned

The slip road off the A1 by the Greetham Inn is badly littered and will be reported to RCC. Action: Clerk

Jacobs Well; drawings for renovation are done. The new Council will take this forward. Letters of thanks will be sent to those involved. Action: Clerk

Bus Group Users Meeting. Attended by PH -

Community Speed Watch; this is agreed for August in the 30 mph limit. TRASP will seek volunteers. PH to confirm dates.


Local  Plan Neighbourhood Plan


 A presentation is planned in Oakham on Friday by the company planning to develop Woolfox. All attendees attend as individuals (not representing GPC).


Community Centre

Volunteers are required for the Committee. 3 already acquired (including a prospective Treasurer)

Bar update started and pumps fitted to Main Hall bar.



Welcome Pack


None reported


Correspondence and Communication


Rural Strategy. Response distributed in advance.

Community Safety Consultation.

Bus Users Group Report (Distributed in advance of the meeting).

Letter from parishioner expressing concern about dust from quarry. Action: Write to both the quarry and RCC. Respond to parishioner. Action: Clerk


Reports from outside bodies



Website and dropbox are both in the process of reconfiguration.


Items for a future agenda and election update.


 Nominate additional councillors to update dropbox and website.

No election; – only 7 nominees for Parish Council.

Ward member also uncontested.


Date of next meeting and AGM

May 22nd 2019 7.00 pm -

Meeting closed at 20.40 pm

Meeting with Mr. Graham Compton

Senior Traffic Management Officer

Tuesday March 19th 2019 at 9.00am


Parish Councillor Ann Jenkins

Parish Councillor Peter Hitchcox

Graham Compton

Business. Answers to questions from Greetham Parish Council regarding traffic concerns of the B668 through Greetham.

1.       What can the Police do, or not do, to enforce the speed limit through the village?

Ans.  There are officers who can use a speed gun.  A road team of Special Constables with the ‘Safer Road Scheme’ with speed guns are being trained. They operate in 30 and 40 mph zones.

There are several police offers trained to do this and the ‘Safer Road Scheme ‘will be training Special Constables to do this as well.

(Mr Compton would like you to know that the speed van has visited Greetham 5 times in the last 7 months. This will continue in 2019. Message to parish clerk conveyed the day after the meeting)

2. Why is there zero enforcement of 20 mph speed limits?

Ans: This is not enforceable at present.

My understanding of this was that although this is a traffic offence, they are not able to enforce this at present due to a lack of resources.

3. Is there tolerance for a speed limit infringement?

Ans:  Laics and Rutland has 10% +3mph.

4. Would Leicestershire Police support our application for a Road Testing average speed camera in Greetham?

Ans:  Currently there are seven average speed cameras in a Leicestershire (not Rutland) Pilot scheme. RCC won’t put any cameras in until 2020 until the data is analysed. There is no reason why GPC shouldn’t apply to pilot a scheme should RCC support the scheme? So possible speed average cameras after 2020.

Rutland CC won’t consider this until they have seen and reviewed the data from the current pilot scheme running in Leicestershire.

5. Do the police have data regarding speeding in Greetham?

Ans No updated data, but Greetham will be on the list to obtain data.

HGVs are our biggest problem…..could the police advise the best way of banning them.

Ans There is no movement from the Police to do anything at present.

 Response from Neil Tomlinson 2.00pm meeting:   RCC may be able to implement an experimental order for a temporary HGV limit for data analysis.  Recent data would suggest that HGV’s are only 5% of the traffic passing through Greetham.

6. The absence of pavements on the south side and narrow roadway causes some cars to be parked on the pavement. Can the police take action to prevent this?

Ans. Parking on a pavement or part of a pavement is an offence and police can take action.

Yes, this is enforceable but there are not enough officers available to do so.

Parking on the pavement is ‘Wilful obstruction of the Highway’ and an offence. He suggested photographs of the worst incidents [where people have to walk in the road to pass by thus endangering themselves] and sending them to the police for action

Other matters

The suggestion of a 50mph limit from Cottesmore to the A1, with a 20mph limit through the entire village was discussed.  Mr Compton though a suggestion not unreasonable and would refer it to RCC.

Mr Compton was thanked for both coming to the village and giving considered  and thoughtful replies to the questions.

The meeting closed at 10.30

These notes are a compilation, Ann’s notes are in blue with the addition of Neil Tomlinson’s comments about an experimental HGV ban which Jane noted at the 2.00pm meeting. 

Meeting with Neil Tomlinson 2.00pm (1400) at  Greetham Community Centre, Tuesday March 19th 2019


Parish Councillors

Mrs J Denyer

Mr P Hitchcox

Mrs A Jenkins

Rutland County Council Highways Manager

Mr N Tomlinson

Questions for RCC

7 Why does Thistleton have a weight restriction and why not Greetham?

Answer: - Thistleton had a time restricted weight restriction in place prior to 2003.  In 2003 (probably when the quarry re-applied for a licence) a full HGV restriction was implemented. Refer cabinet report 403.

8 Can we be a ‘Beta Site’ for the implementation of Average Speed Cameras at both ends of the village or a speed camera in the middle of the village?

With data already available and data after implementation, results could be analysed to see if cameras act positively for motorists, pedestrians and the benefit of the village.

Answer: - RCC will be reviewing their policy on speed cameras and will be distributing a consultation document on Speed policy around June this year.  We need to ensure we receive this document and respond. Final document will be published at the end of the year.

9 Moving the 20mph to the village perimeters would ensure greater safety for villagers, pedestrians and many tourists using the large camp/caravan site within in the village.    A 50 mph limit from Cottesloe to the A1 could help reduce accidents and reduce speed within Greetham. Your comments please.

Answer: - Neil Tomlinson suggests that we complete a Traffic Regulations Order to include the following:-

1)      Increase the size of pavements throughout Main Street

2)      Implement either a 50 mph speed limit from Cottesmore to Greetham and Greetham to A! or implement a 40 mph buffer zone outside the village at both ends before the 30 mph.

3)      Reduce the traffic speed indicators at both ends of the village from 30 to 20 mph.

4)      NT to provide us with the link for the correct form

10 Will RCC be looking to plan for an improved road network through the County which would by-pass villages and allow the safe passage of heavy goods vehicles between the A1 and Leicester and the A1 to Oakham and Melton Mowbray bearing in mind the development of St George’s Barracks  and the possible building of Woolfox Garden Community?

Answer: - RCC will review transportation routes on large scale developments such as St George’s Barracks and Woolfox.

11 Would RCC consider another traffic survey now that the chicane at Oak House has been constructed in order to see how effective the chicane has been in reducing the speed through the village?

Answer: - NT suggests we apply for another survey, however we should note that there is a long waiting list.

Traffic Vibrations

RCC are sympathetic to our concerns regarding heavy Lorries and vibration and damage to buildings on the South side of Main Street.  NT to investigate the possibility of installing vibration monitoring equipment.  RCC do not currently have this equipment.

The meeting closed at 15.20